Spring 2018

“10 things I look for when recruiting” by Kevin Crook

Director Kevin Crook is a Senior Project Manager and actively involved in recruitment at Churchill Hui. Having encountered numerous CVs and interviewees for technical as well as administrative roles, he shares 10 things (in no particular order) that come into play when making recruitment decisions.

1. A personality
We want to nurture a team of talented, dedicated people, and one trait I definitely look for is a personality. Let it shine through – show your interests, spirit and what you can bring to the role and the business.

2. Passion
Work is work, we understand that, but our employees need to be interested and motivated about the work they are undertaking. If they’re not, how can our clients and stakeholders feel like they are trusting the best team to handle the job?

3. Diversity
Our talented team of project managers, architects, surveyors and assistants are all unique individuals and we strive to make candidates aware that we are a flexible employer for all, whatever their circumstances. At the end of the day, we are looking for the right person for the job.

In a male dominated industry (albeit working hard to attract more women to technical roles) we try to proactively recruit women by sharing vacancies directly with women’s groups such as WISH London.

4. Qualifications, or willing to qualify
Depending on the role, and what skills gap we need to fill, specific qualifications are often essential. However, that’s not to say we only employ people who already hold a relevant degree or Masters. We are open to supporting employees through studies whilst working for us, including time off for exams and assignments.

5. Being a team player
This sounds like a cliché thrown around by recruiters but in a small-medium business, being a team player is key e.g. picking up projects if a colleague is unavailable, mucking in, answering the phone, being available even when “too busy”… and putting the kettle on goes down really well too!

6. Ideas and innovation
Keeping up with industry news, regulations and thought-leadership is paramount. I would warm to a candidate who brings ideas to the table, whether that’s from their own experience or innovation, or from keeping an eye on the leading organisations out there.

7. Professional membership
From RICS to RIBA to Party Wall Specialists, if we can offer a team with professional memberships we increase our chances of winning new contracts and doing the best job possible. It also shows dedication and motivation on the candidate’s part.

8. Being a good sport
We do a lot of charity fundraising including cycling challenges and making donations to local food banks. No one is obliged to take part and you don’t need to be sporty, but corporate and social responsibility is important to us, as is the support of our employees in these endeavours.

9. Thinking beyond the role
Marketing, PR and business development are key to a sustainable organisation and everyone can contribute to these. Whether it’s coming up with a case study idea for marketing, taking photos for social media, helping with a tender proposal or spotting business opportunities, thinking beyond the role is a desirable quality.

10. Non-stereotypes
In my opinion there is no “typical” architect, surveyor or project manager. We welcome applications from people from all walks of life who can demonstrate they can do the task in hand and commit to the high standards of work we strive for.

Churchill Hui is expanding and we are currently seeking a Senior Project Manager based in Sunbury-upon-Thames to successfully deliver housing projects, including pre-contract work. Please contact us for the full job description or to discuss this role further..

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