Rolex Fastnet 2009

Neil Manley has got the sailing bug and has joined the crew of the Hydrocarbon to participate in the Rolex Fastnet 2009.

The Rolex Fastnet 2009 starts at Cowes, and over the course of the next 608 miles navigates the Fastnet Rock off the southwest coast of Ireland and finishes at Plymouth.

The race starts on 9th August and the leaders are expected back on the 11/12th August at Plymouth. Neil and his team are expected back a bit later than the leaders although we could be pleasantly surprised.

We are not asking for sponsorship but Churchill Hui is going to make a donation to the RNLI – let’s face it he might need it!

Neil won’t be doing a blog (he rather suspects his laptop might make a trip overboard if he took time out to do this during the race) but photos and a brief report will follow on his return.

Latest progress
1 09 Aug 17:00 GMT
2 10 Aug 08:30 GMT
3 10 Aug 17:00 GMT
4 11 Aug 09:00 GMT
5 11 Aug 17:00 GMT
6 12 Aug 09:00 GMT
7 12 Aug 17:00 GMT
8 13 Aug 09:00 GMT
9 13 Aug 17:00 GMT

Please note: it may be necessary to refresh your browser to see the latest position. You can also track the Hydrocarbon as well as the full race progress at the RORC site. (Hydrocarbon can be found in Class IRC Z)

Further information on the boat itself can be found at the Hydrocarbon site.

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